This is a Jonathan Rhys Meyers appreciation blog.

We are dedicated to nothing but the talented Jonathan. He is best known for his role of Henry VIII in the The Tudors.

Jonathan's upcoming roles
Dracula - Dracula (October 25th)
City of Bones - Valentine Morgenstern (August 23rd)
Panda Eyes - John (TBA)

Recording 'Blossom' with Suzy's Field - Releasing December 2013


Maria Doyle Kennedy is the ultimate Katherine of Aragon. I haven’t seen her played like this ever. With such empathy, such sorrow, and such determination and strength within that sorrow. Some people take their strength from successes. Some people take their strength from high energy. She takes her strength from sorrow, such deep, deep, deep sorrow. That it brings a completely different energy. Whenever I see Maria Doyle Kennedy on screen I want to weep and applaud at the same time for what she has gone through. For the pain that her character has suffered. And suffered with such dignity - incredible amount of dignity in Maria Doyle Kennedy. And this really came across and made Katherine of Aragon and made her into more than a jilted Queen. It made her almost a jilted element. She is not only representing womanhood, she is representing pure and true womanhood. And eternal love and devotion. - Jonathan Rhys Meyers


and the glory, for ever and ever.

make me choose // anon asked: henry vii or henry viii


It is Jonathans 37th birthday on July 27th and I have opened a ‘guestbook’ on the site so you can submit any birthday messages you have easily. I have already put a video together to send over to LA as only a small part of what is going over there. All wishes welcome and reblogs for this more than appreciated as I’d love to get as many as possible

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Anne Boleyn in every scene ever

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Dal film From Paris With Love

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