This is a Jonathan Rhys Meyers appreciation blog.

We are dedicated to nothing but the talented Jonathan. He is best known for his role of Henry VIII in the The Tudors.

Jonathan's upcoming roles
Dracula - Dracula (October 25th)
City of Bones - Valentine Morgenstern (August 23rd)
Panda Eyes - John (TBA)

Recording 'Blossom' with Suzy's Field - Releasing December 2013


I love you Elizabeth. I will love you forever and I bid you never, ever forget it.


The Tudors Meme

Seven Characters ♣ Henry VIII [3/7]

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers & the Vase | From Paris with Love

Q: You get to skip out on a chunk of the action because you’re carrying the vase of cocaine.

JRM: And I accidentally dropped it, running on those steel stairs! I dropped the vase, and I went, “Oh f-ck, the coke!” I had to go all the way back up and do that scene again. The vase became a teddy bear, a blanket, to me, and I felt sad when I had to drop it for the other scene, because it had been my buddy, protecting me from the whole world, this vase of marching powder. (x)


“Who knows, perhaps one day this little girl will preside over empires.”

Match Point (USA - UK, 2005)

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I have been mia without a computer for a while now, and when I finally got it back I was too busy with a lot in my life to find my way on to tumblr. However, I am back and will be posting soon! So thank you to everyone who has stuck around following this blog. Your patience will soon be rewarded.

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